How Far Should an Outdoor Kitchen Be from the House

Outdoor patio pergola with kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great way to entertain and enjoy meals with friends and family while taking advantage of the beauty of your backyard. But how far should an outdoor kitchen be from your house? Before you can start building, this question needs to be addressed. When determining the distance between your house and your outdoor kitchen, several factors need to be taken into account.

Safety Considerations

The most important factor for determining the distance between your house and an outdoor kitchen is safety. You want to ensure that there are no combustible materials near the grill or any other cooking devices in case of a fire. This includes the house, deck, and any other structures close by. The recommended distance from any combustible material is at least 10 feet.

Structural Integrity

When deciding on the location of your outdoor kitchen, it’s also important to consider whether or not it will affect the structural integrity of your home. Before beginning construction on a large structure such as a pavilion or covered area, you may need permission from local authorities or an engineer. To prevent any damage over time due to heat transfer, you should also place large brick ovens and smoker boxes at least 10 feet away from the house.


An outdoor kitchen can also provide an aesthetic enhancement for your home, so be sure to consider its location concerning visual appeal as well as safety considerations. It should not be too close or too far away; it should be just right! When considering placement, think about what will accentuate the natural beauty of your backyard oasis. To reduce light pollution, ensure that lighting is directed downward rather than toward nearby windows if you intend to install lighting near the kitchen.

There are many things to consider when determining how far away an outdoor kitchen should be from the house. Safety is always paramount; ensure there are no combustible materials within 10 feet of any grilling or cooking appliances for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. Also, keep structural integrity and aesthetics in mind when selecting its location so that it adds value both visually and practically! With proper planning and research, you can create an outdoor living space that everyone can enjoy!