Barrie Outdoor Kitchen Services

Our team of expert contractors can design and construct a beautiful outdoor kitchen for your Barrie home! With a wide variety of customizations, affordable pricing options, and expert professionals with a track record for pure excellence, we’re Barrie’s go-to company for unique and functional outdoor kitchens!

Your Local Outdoor Kitchen Design Experts

We have decades of combined experience building outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re looking for a single outdoor kitchenette or a larger scale backyard project, our guys can bring your vision to life with efficiency and care. Our outdoor kitchens are built to last, using only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge equipment to get the job done in great time. We work hard to accommodate your schedule, and ensure your property is taken care of.

Outdoor kitchens in Barrie

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Barrie outdoor kitchen services

We Make Impossible Outdoor Kitchens Happen in Barrie

Our design and construction teams work side-by-side to create gorgeous outdoor spaces and give them functional and highly aesthetic kitchens. Even in the face of difficult circumstances, like remote construction locations or tight spaces, we can make it happen.

We’ve worked in cramped city corners and sprawling, overgrown fields - nothing can stop us from creating a gorgeous outdoor kitchen space that you, your family, and your guests can enjoy and appreciate!

Let’s Take the Next Step:

Think you’re ready to talk about your dream outdoor kitchen? We’re ready to listen. The things to consider when looking into an outdoor installation project revolve around your existing space, your budget, and your timeline. What kind of property will we be working with? Are there water or gas lines already installed near the desired location for the kitchen? What kind of range do we have to work with for budget? Do you already have appliances? These are the sorts of questions we’ll ask when getting started with your project.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you for every step of the way. It all starts with a free consultation and estimate from our team, so don’t hesitate, give us a call today and let’s talk outdoor kitchens!

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Barrie Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design and Construction Services

Elevate your outdoor living experience with our expert outdoor kitchen design and construction services in Barrie. Whether you're envisioning a modern culinary space or a rustic outdoor retreat, our team specializes in creating bespoke outdoor kitchens tailored to your unique style and functional needs

Our Services:

1. Grill and Cooking Space: Expertly integrated grilling area with ample cooking space for culinary adventures.

2. Patio Appliances: Premium selection and installation of outdoor appliances for convenience and efficiency.

3. Dining and Entertaining: Thoughtful design of dining spaces and entertainment areas to host memorable gatherings.

4. Barbecue and Wood-Fired Oven: Customized setups for traditional barbecues and authentic wood-fired cooking experiences.

5. Modern and Rustic Themes: Tailored designs embracing modern aesthetics or rustic charm, aligning with your preferences.

6. Lounge and Seating Areas: Comfortable lounge spaces and seating arrangements for relaxed outdoor enjoyment.

7. Industrial and Poolside Kitchens: Stylish industrial designs and poolside kitchens blending functionality and elegance.

8. Roofed Outdoor Kitchens: Sheltered outdoor kitchens designed for year-round usage, rain or shine.

9. Transitional and Galley Style: Seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces or optimizing smaller areas with galley-style layouts.

10. Luxury and Gourmet Features: Incorporating luxurious elements and gourmet setups for an upscale outdoor culinary experience.

11. Grilling Stations and Prep Areas: Dedicated grilling stations and well-equipped prep areas for efficient cooking and preparation.

12. Cabinetry and Outdoor Living: Custom cabinetry solutions enhancing storage and organization, creating a complete outdoor living space.

13. Outdoor Lighting: Thoughtful lighting designs to create ambiance and ensure functionality during evening gatherings.

14. Backyard Integration: Expertly integrating the outdoor kitchen into your backyard landscape for a harmonious overall design.

15. Beverage Stations: Customized beverage stations for refreshing drinks, adding convenience to your outdoor culinary adventures.

16. Fire Pit and Cozy Seating: Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with a fire pit integrated into your outdoor kitchen space.

Outdoor Kitchens Design & Installation Process in Barrie & GTA!

  1. Outdoor Kitchen Design Services: Our expert outdoor kitchen designers craft meticulous plans and layouts, considering every detail from appliance placement to seating areas, ensuring your outdoor kitchen is designed to perfection.
  2. Comprehensive Site Evaluation: We assess your outdoor space thoroughly, factoring in sunlight, wind direction, and proximity to your home. This assessment guides us in choosing the optimal location for your outdoor kitchen.
  3. Outdoor Kitchen Permit Handling: We take care of all the necessary permits and navigate Barrie building codes, ensuring a hassle-free process for you while making your dream outdoor kitchen a reality.
  4. Outdoor Kitchen Construction: Our skilled craftsmen specialize in constructing outdoor kitchens. From appliances to countertops, we work with various materials like stone, brick, concrete, and stainless steel, creating a durable and beautiful kitchen space.
  5. Kitchen Plumbing and Electrical Work: Our expert plumbers and electricians connect sinks, faucets, refrigerators, and other appliances seamlessly to water and power sources, ensuring the functionality and safety of your outdoor kitchen.
  6. Outdoor Kitchen Customization: We offer customization services, crafting unique features like pizza ovens, outdoor fireplaces, and specialized storage solutions, tailored to your preferences, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen.
  7. Landscape Design: We integrate your outdoor kitchen seamlessly into your existing landscape design. Our goal is to ensure your outdoor kitchen not only serves its purpose but also enhances the overall beauty of your outdoor space.
  8. Efficient Kitchen Expansion: Need to accommodate larger gatherings or additional features? We specialize in expanding existing outdoor kitchens, providing solutions that match your vision and lifestyle.

Trusted Outdoor Kitchen Company in Barrie

Outdoor Kitchens, your premier destination for exquisite outdoor culinary spaces in Barrie, offers unparalleled design and installation services. Our dedication to excellence extends across Barrie and surrounding areas, ensuring superior results every time. Renowned for our commitment to bringing your outdoor kitchen dreams to life, Outdoor Kitchens stands as your trusted partner for all your culinary oasis needs. Turn your vision into reality with Outdoor Kitchens – where quality meets creativity.